UPDATE: Apparently the Eve Online Attack was more than likely in retaliation for gamers being charged for VOIP servers. I’m looking into it, but i’d be willing to bet 614-LULZSEC is originating from Eve Online systems.

Lulzsec followers are either knowingly or unknowingly contributing to Phreaking DDoS! From a high level perspective it seems that the group has taken hold of a VOIP Provider that either doesn’t validate forwarder or has been manipulated. Every time you dial the number they put up you are contributing to a DDoS. Enjoy Folks, There is no patch for stupidity.


Keep Going Folks, you are the reason Security is perceived as worthless.

And Now the FBI… Keep it going drones. #FAIL #LIFE


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  1. They have crowdsourced being a script kiddie.

    • Yep!!! Good way to put it.

      • I love the talking heads going on about sophisticated attacks or even state sponsored activities and then the likes of LulzSec show any simpleton can exploit systems because of the tear-jerkingly bad security designs used.

        My next plan is to get my pet cat to become an “international l33t h4x0r” on the news.

        • Sprints running the cat ad now :)